About Middle Aged Lady Mashups

I am aka Sue Williamson, leader of a company that supports others in their music-making, and this is wonderful, but I find not quite enough, as I also want to create music, lots of it, unrestrained by convention, free from limitations of genre and in the company of other musicians which is when I am most inspired.  Sometimes it can seem that women in their middle years are invisible in general, but perhaps particularly so in the music industry, so I am claiming some space for myself, proud of my 55 years, and confident enough to know what I like and to go for it 

I want to have FUN clashing together musics that don't appear to belong .  Perhaps a bit of experimental folk here, with some edgy screaming or angry saxophone there- perhaps some wispy singing  over the sound of electric drill or an abrasive guitar ... and I want to experiment with sounds too, not just computer-generated ones, but perhaps beats made out of the sounds of insects, background noise recorded near a busy road,  trees in the wind,  a stormy sea... endless possibilities. 

My plan is to work with loads of different musicians, one at a time, stacking up the collaborations, which are then released on here, and Facebook for free. In time there will be enough for an album - and at this point there will be some vinyl, out there in the world - with proceeds from sales going to Shelter,  

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