• Middle Aged Lady

Bursting Joyfully out of the Stereotype

Want to hear a secret? Something amazing happens when you get to those middle years (and I class myself as a middle-years person as fully intend to smash a century) - you stop caring! Not about all the important stuff like the feelings and happiness of others, the planet, the state of society etc - but the silly, trivial things that seemed important when younger, but actually fade away through time .... image, the expectations of others, the norms of society, words like 'ought' and 'duty', fashion, peer culture, social media .. the list is endless, of things that have concerned me in the past but which I no longer care.

I would never have dared launch a music project for myself in my 20s/30s/40s - I remember classing myself as over the hill by the time I got to 23yrs, and thought I had to slip into the shadows with regards to my own creativity.

But creativity is what keeps us youthful and alive. Being able to explore, create and be playful - well those are some of the best things, and here I am now, with the confidence to reach out to any musician, any genre, and call the shots and say, with conviction, this is what I want, this is who I am, and no I do not want that, and no I will not be this. FREEDOM.

The Middle Aged Lady Mashups idea is based on my wanting to take that phrase, "Middle Aged Lady" and really own it and explode it. And I am getting to work with some incredible people along the way.

The track below, Midnight, is the second release with my long-term collaborator Neil Card. I am so PROUD of this, and so pleased that a sound was achieved here that I totally approve. And whilst I am blowing my own trumpet, here is a link to a wonderful piece written by Jer at SBS Studios, my favourite music critic, who dissects the track and gives it a huge thumbs up. The third track, a collaboration with Flipside Bride ,a lovely duo with amazing creative ideas is due out in a week or so, and today I get to collaborate with Henry, who is a teenage blues guitarist.

So I am going to end with a plea to those of you who are still waiting out there for life to turn a corner and become what you are hoping for - don't hang around any longer - but grab hold of the reigns and do it for yourself!


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