• Middle Aged Lady

Launching the Project and Seeking Musicians

Day one of the project, to find lots of musicians, all instruments and genres, who are prepared to spend a couple of hours with me, improvising/composing together, and this to occur at some point over the next couple of months. This could take place on a Saturday or Sunday at the rooms of the company I run in York, possibly one weekday evening, or even over the Internet, back and forth. My instrument is the voice and also the saxophone, so I am not looking so much for vocalists (although we could do some apacella I guess which would be fun) but for guitarists/bass players/pianists/brass/woodwind/strings/percussionists./beat-makers etc - and an even wider range of styles, everything from acoustic blues, to post-punk, to experimental avante-garde, to nu-jazz, anti-folk, hip hop fusions ...there is nothing I wouldn't try. Check out the website for more info on what I have in mind.


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