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"Pitter-Patter" : concocted from fragments of twisted fairy tales

Well the new video is out, "Pitter-Patter", themed on audio and visual hallucinations and my three-decade memory of the role of fairy-tale snippets within these.

I consider myself to be usually of good mental health today, happy and fulfilled and in touch with that inner-child which makes me relish the playfulness of the video created here to go with the sound-track, but mental health can fluctuate, and I can clearly remember what it felt like when my mental health was not so good, and these experiences were used to create the lyrics for "Pitter Patter". The existential question of what is real and what is not, is a horrible one to confront when perceptions are skewered, and that fear creeps into the music and video.

I found the video disturbing to watch when Neil (aka D.Ni.L) showed it to me - not just because of the hallucinatory way the images flickered, distorted and imploded - but because of the footage of men who were clearly unwell. Was that fair to use that? Well yes, on balance I think it is, as it shows vividly what it might look like confronted by a person who is locked into their own world; it shows a version of 'what the world sees' in contrast to the 'what if felt like to me' experience - if you watch the video right through you will see both!

This all sounds very serious - but if I am to be totally honest, I had great fun composing the lyrics for this track and selecting some images for Neil to use in the video - and even greater fun coming up with a melody to contrast with the alt.rock thrust of the music D.Ni.L had composed.

Production credits go to D.Ni.L for the video and audio - and of course all instruments, and backing vocals too.


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