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Trip Hop mashed with 1920s/30s Jazz release

I am excited that the second track in the Middle Aged Lady Mashup series has just been released. Inspired by the dance-hall singers of the 1920s/30s, Al Bowlly in particular, this track is one I am particularly fond of as it allowed material to be used from the 'Ernest and Suzy do Tea Dance' set.

To those who are familiar with Tang Hall SMART in York, you may have come across Neil and myself performing as alter-egos Ernest Humphrey and Suzy Kane - sometimes at The Centre@Burnholme, and also in care homes around York. Sadly we no longer have the capacity to rehearse and perform as this act, but we really did love the numbers we worked on, and this release, "Midnight" includes extracts from the piano part Neil created for our arrangement of "Midnight the Stars and You". To anyone who knows their horror movies, this was used in "The Shining", and is a particularly evocative track.

We had the idea of mashing bits of this, with an original vocal (in the spirit of the 30s one), then transforming this with a trip-hop style beat. Neil then sourced the footage from a 1920s home movie and added some FX .

Next release will be one I am going to be working on today with Flipside Bride. Watch this space for its release!


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