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Update After the First Week

Firstly, a big hello and thank you to all those who have signed up to my Facebook page and/or who have expressed support and interest, or who have read my first blog/checked out the new website.

The first week of Middle Aged Lady Mashups began a week ago with an open invitation for collaborators from any genre/age/gender - to spend an hour or two with me, working on a track. That offer still stands by the way - the more the merrier, please do get in touch! The response so far has been great, and there are now 5 artists scheduled over the next few months for me to work with, including a 30-piece brass band, and a group made up of shovel-guitars and home-made jugs!

But first release is "Pitter Patter", and as it is the first one, that launches the project and is therefore a bit special - accompanying the track there is also a pretty creepy video, which will be released on my new YouTube channel next week. My co-composer for this one is D.Ni.L , who has woven the fairy-tale/surreal wispy voice I created for this track into something alt.rock sounding.

Watch out for the track ... feedback welcome as would be more requests for other collaborations. I hope you all have a very good week!


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